Androcles & the Lion
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Dramatized from the Aesop Fable
by Mark Bedell


Scene I
A Greek marketplace in Lydia
(Song: Ever Since I Can Remember...)

Scene II
A deep, dark, dank forest
(Song: Share and Share Alike)

Scene III
A Greek arena
(Reprise: Ever Since I Can Remember/Share and Share Alike)


(Greek Soldier and aid to King Croesus of Lydia)

(A kind-hearted slave who yearns to breathe free)

(A lion...of course)


"It was wonderful!  You never cease to amaze us--excellent show!"  
(Main St. School, Terryville, CT)

More than nearly any other stories, Aesop's wonderful fables have withstood the test of time, having survived AND remained favorites for more than 2,600 years and counting!

We chose to dramatize ANDROCLES AND THE LION because it so perfectly fits KTC's time-tested style:  LOTS of humor, plenty of action, stunning scenery, enchanting music and a timeless message.

It's a heartwarming story about the infinite power of a single act of kindness.

A slave (Androcles) escapes to freedom only to end up lost in the wilderness.    Androcles is now free of one king, but is frightened by the deafening roar of another...the king of all beasts!  A lion!

The great beast has a thorn stuck in his paw.   Androcles, putting fear aside, selflessly and mercifully removes the thorn, taking away the lion's great pain.

The two become fast friends and all is right with the world...until Androcles is once again captured by the Greek soldier.    Her punishment for escaping, is to be thrown to a hungry lion!  Of course, Aesop never wrote tragic endings to his fables.  This is no different.

Androcles' act of kindness is repaid; and in the end, that small good deed comes to change all the kingdoms of Greece for the better.  It can do the same for your K-5 audience--although they may not realize it 'til they get back to class; they'll be too busy laughing and having a GREAT time!

"Every play you have done has been better than any other group!  You both are extremely talented.  The acting, singing, dancing and scenery were superb.  As a Project Peace teacher, I liked your comments about friends, kindness, freedom, etc.  You have wonderful rapport with the kids--letting them enjoy the show, but never getting out of control....
We are hoping you'll come back for CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS and another show in the spring." 
(Steep Falls Elementary School, Steep Falls, ME)


"Enthralling!  You are such perfectionists.  That is what always strikes me most about what you do.  No detail is too small!  The Teacher Guide helped me share with the students the process you go through to create a show.  Children need to know that quality products don't just magically happen.  Thanks!"  
(H.B. Emery Jr. Memorial School, Limington, ME)

"I don't think my class even blinked their eyes!  They were totally absorbed.  We have done a comparison of tall tales and fables.  Your presentation was icing on the cake in meeting student learning styles.  Definitely worth every penny....Your quality will keep you on our list of preferred performers!"  
(W.G. Mallett School, Farmington, ME)

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