Christopher Columbus
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An Hysterical Historical Overview
Dramatized by Mark Bedell

Cast of Characters:

Christopher Columbus
Susanna (Christopher’s Mother)
French Pirate
Bartholomew (Christopher’s younger brother)
King John of Portugal
King Ferdinand of Spain
Queen Isabella of Spain
Rodrigo (a sailor)
An Arawak Cacique (Chief) [an "Indian", to Columbus]


"You did a very good job of conveying  Christopher Columbus' life.  It's important for students to know why there is a holiday.  The play had good information that they may not have known before; the humor was a great way to keep such a wide audience (K-5) interested.  Nice Job!"  (Balch School, Norwood, MA)

"Definitely top quality! A very informative, interesting and comical presentation.  We learned a lot and had a fun time doing it.  A+!"  (Elm Street School, Mechanic Falls, ME)

"In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue."
Ah, but there is so much more to Christopher Columbus than that! This is an hysterically funny account of the sometimes controversial, always fascinating Christopher Columbus, and a host of colorful characters connected with his First Voyage to the New World, across the "Ocean Sea". Extensive research went into this play, making it as historically accurate as it is funny.

There’s something for every grade level here; but, of course, the more you already know about Columbus, the funnier this play will be! It’s sure to spark kids’ interest in the study of history…and guaranteed to leave everyone howling with laughter!


"Your show helped bring history to life in an enjoyable way.  We went to the library after the show & several students chose books about Columbus.  They've been able to recall facts/situations from the play and compare information....It was nice for teachers, who have to see a lot of shows, to have some jokes hidden for us.  Too many children's shows underestimate their audience.  Yours never do.  My students told me it was the best thing ever!  They've already asked to have you back!"
(Eight Corners School, Scarborough, ME)

KTC originally created CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS in 1991 for the ’92 Quincentennial. Between September ’91 and December ’92, we gave over 325 performances of this play. In 1996, in answer to popular demand, we brought this show back—and in 1997 we gave it a brand-new, larger, more colorful set and some spectacular new costumes.  It became an annual October event!

"Magnificent performance!  This was one of the BEST shows I have seen at school.  It was very entertaining as well as educational.  Thanks for the advance information.  Our class read about and discussed Columbus prior to the performance.  They loved the show, but felt their knowledgeable background increased their enjoyment!" (South Range School, Derry, NH)

"The acting and visual effects were excellent. (Hats off to the quick-change artist!) I especially enjoyed the humor. Learning about Columbus became enjoyable; through this humor, I believe my students will retain more. It’s hard to keep 1st graders’ attention for almost an hour, but congratulations--you did it!"  
(Waterboro Elementary, East Waterboro, ME)

"The educational value was higher than I had anticipated.  Your Teacher Guide was helpful to know what your approach would be--and especially to know you had a balanced approach and had researched extensively.  One of the best shows our school has seen." (Plainfield Elementary School, Meriden, NH)

"Your presentation was packed with humor and facts; a welcome boost to those who find history boring!"
(Belgrade Central School, Belgrade, ME)

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Christopher Columbus
(An Hysterical Historical Overview)
Written by Mark Bedell
 was commissioned by the Theatre-in-the-Schools (New York NY) 1991

It was produced by:

The New England Touring Theatre (New York, NY) (1991-1992)

Every October (40 performances each October) from 1992 to 2001

Main Stage and School tour 1992

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