The Fisherman's Wife
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Dramatized from several translations of the folktale
by Mark Bedell

Cast of Characters:

Clarence (The Fisherman)
Isabel (The Fisherman's Wife)
The Enchanted Flounder
The Action of the Play Occurs at the Home of Clarence
 and Isabel… A Little Place Beside the Sea


"Enchanted Princess of the Sea,
Please come back and talk to me--
For my wife, good Isabel,
Wishes what I fear to tell."

What happens when a humble Fisherman catches a fish who can talk--and grant wishes? Let's just say that life will never be the same for him or his wife again! Adapted from several versions of this wonderful folktale, our play THE FISHERMAN'S WIFE is a perfect modern metaphor. 

Laugh with the antics of Isabel, Clarence and the Enchanted Flounder. Gasp as the scenery "magically" transforms three times.  Before you know it, this ancient allegorical tale will provide something very timely to think--and talk--about. 

Using humor, metaphor, vivid characterizations and dazzling visual effects, this play conveys subtle messages about addiction, peer pressure, self-esteem, standing up for what you believe…and working for what you want--all without departing from the story's literary integrity. Originally produced in 1989, this show was a staple in KTC's repertoire. A broadly comic lesson in basic morality; you'll be "hooked" from the opening scene! Ideal for grades K-5.

"We love your presentations! I especially like your follow-up material. I was able to develop a mini-unit to use with my 1st graders. There is no limit to the integration of this material within the curriculum for all ages" 
(St. Joseph School, Keene, NH)

"You do a fantastic job with everything.  The visuals are exceptional and the humor in your show is well-received.  A great lesson on not being selfish and greedy!  (We discuss this often.)  Your themes always teach the children an important moral, and the way it's presented will help them remember it.  Thank you!"  (Greene Central School, Greene, ME)

"Your show was a great success! Your tremendous enthusiasm and talent captivated both children and adults from the very beginning. Particularly impressive was the way you managed to combine a delightfully funny story with some very real and valuable lessons!  The setting and costumes were wonderful….We appreciate your contribution to our educational programs and would recommend your shows to any interested groups. We hope to see more of your programs in later months!" (The Children's Museum of Maine, Portland, ME)


"I really liked the way you have the show planned.  The question period was great too.  It's evident that you have lots of experience working with large groups of children!...The concept of greed isn't always easy to portray to young children.  Taking pride in doing a good job, working hard and learning to be happy can take a lifetime--but were shown in an hour!  Great job--thanks again!"  
(Jaffrey Grade School, Jaffrey, NH)

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