The Frog Prince
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will be produced in February 2010 by

Based on the Fairy Tale by Jakob & Wilhelm Grimm
Dramatized by Mark Bedell

Cast of Characters:

A Spooky Old Witch
(She’s Nice Once You Get to Know Her)
Prince Fredrick
(A Snotty Prince)
The Fair Princess Katherine
(A Snooty Princess)
King Eric
(A Wise Old King)


I: A Well Near King Eric’s Castle
at the Edge of the Forest

II: King Eric’s Dining Room

III: Princess Katherine’s Bedroom


A Spooky Old Witch with a Magic Spell;
A Handsome Prince who falls down a Well.
A Beautiful Princess with her Nose in the Air
Breaks her Word to a Frog—‘cause she just Doesn’t Care. 
The Wise Old King makes the Princess keep her Word;
The Princess says, "That is nothing but Absurd!" 
Now, the Ugly Old Frog is Not What He Seems--
So the Princess Learns her Lesson
(and a couple other themes)!


All the ingredients of a good fairy tale--Leaps and bounds over other fairy tale productions! Somewhere between the spontaneous laughter, the gasps of wonder, and the thunderous applause, kids learn valuable lessons about loyalty, integrity, keeping promises, and not fearing or blindly judging those people (or frogs!) who are different from you. Perfect for grades K-5…and great fun for teachers, too! 

"Terrific! My students enjoyed the show tremendously. After the performance, we discussed the story and its relevance to today’s world. I think this is the most important part of any theatre script. Thank you for coming!" 
(Alton Elementary School, Old Town, ME)

"Super performance--the best!  You two have lots of talent!  I especially liked the emphasis on not treating people poorly based on prejudice.  I also liked the poetic form of the witch's lines.  We discussed as a class how you adapted the tale.  It was perfect timing--the children were about to write an original tale using the genre elements."  (Hollis Upper Elementary School, Hollis, NH)

"Your presentation was excellent! The costumes, set, acting, script were all so well done that 45 minutes became too short a time….I was truly amazed that only two people could present such a wonderfully appealing and professional performance!" (Calais Elementary School, Calais, ME)

"This was the best quality production I’ve seen in a long time! I like that you added your own twist: how the witch turned the prince into a frog. It really enhanced the story and the message." (Holden School, Holden, ME)

"Everything was very well thought out—the point of the play, the stage design, costumes, everything! Quality!! (I questioned the whole time—are there 2 or 4 people?)" (Dr. Lewis S. Libby School, Milford, ME)

"Everything was excellent.  It's exciting to see two people who are so passionate about what they do.  I am doing a lot of 'teaching tolerance' within my classroom and your play enhanced what I am teaching....Your Teacher Guide was very helpful to me for follow-up.  We made a class list of all the examples of 'prejudice' your show brought to light.  It was one of the best school shows ever!!  I hope you come next year.  Thanks!"  (No. Smithfield Elementary School, No. Smithfield, RI)


"Everything was terrific, very professional.  There was no down time; it kept all ages' attention.  They were talking about it for days afterwards!  I particularly enjoyed the fast scene changes and humor.  I hope you'll be back!" 
(Madison Elementary School, Madison, NH)

"We REALLY enjoyed your performance!  So few children these days are exposed to children's classics like 'The Frog Prince'.  Culturally speaking, this is of great importance in meeting our learning objectives.  We need a common core of learning/understanding.  You both did a fine job.  Your Teacher Guide also gave my students a better background for understanding your show.  Thank you so much!"  (Opal Myrick Elementary School, East Millinocket, ME)

was first produced by the Krackerjack Theatre Co. in 1996
The show toured every state from Maine to Virginia
 doing hundreds of performances each year until it closed in 2002.

The Stage version is available for production rights.
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Coming soon
(full-length feature film!)

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