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This has admittedly not been updated in quite a while... but it's on my list.


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University of Southern Maine Broadsword Class.

Demo Team Class

University of Southern Maine Broadsword Class.

Mark and Marshall instructing in double sword

Charlotte                                                   Ben

Mark and Marshall instructing in double sword
Marshall seems bored.

Ren Robinson (left) getting instruction
 from Mark Bedell

Ben & Mark Flying Nicole Gribbon

Mark is instructing Nicole in one
 of many CQB dis-arms.

Andrew Silver killing Charlotte Brooks.
She dies a lot.
David Broomfeild is kicking Alex Brett in a sword fight.  When fighting with a sword.... never forget your "other" weapons! 

Little did we know that Superman is 
actually mild mannered Sawyer Hopps

Mark is beating up on his student, 
Sawyer Hopps.

Now student Yonatan Melaned tries it.

Ned Donovan and Colin square off in a Core-a-core with wooden swords...
 MASC uses all steel swords in class,
 this was a special circumstance.

Jenny Marshall getting her
 first Flying lesson

No Jail Can Hold Me
History Channel
Matt Covert, Precision Driver
Mark Bedell Leaped from this car as it sped
(15 mph) around the track at Beech Ridge Speedway.

  Mark's getting ready to fire zircs for the award winning Iraq War Drama A Perfect Day which he Stunt Coordinated, Weapons Coordinated and FX Coordinated.
 Mark along with FX team Mark Weatherbe, Bruce Barlow and others, shooting a complicated "cloud tank" shot for John Buechler's 
"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".  
This shot was so good they wound up using it for at least two other Sci Fi Channel Films.

Mark Bedell did monster suit stunts in this film and worked as 2nd Unit Art Director / FX Coordinator.
This is a shot from the same film
"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
that Mark set up himself... blood and all... this character was run through by a cane... ouch!
  Mark had to "precision drive" a Humvee in the desert during a helicopter landing for NBC's The E-Ring.
That dirt on his face is not make-up... it's the real thing.
 Mark Bedell with his old compadres Mark Weatherbe, Bruce Barlow and the crew from
  Mark worked as Associate Producer, Pyrotechnitian and Master Puppeteer.
Mark did all the stunt and firearms handling motion capture for Activision's Video game GUN.
Mark in NBCs Las Vegas.
He was a Military "Special Abilities"
 Actor in several episodes
Mark is "restraining" Teresa in a scene from NBC's PASSIONS.
He worked two episodes as an "action actor":
 An actor who does his own stunts.
Mark in the Sci-Fi Channel's
Eden Formula
He co-starred opposite Tony Todd
and had to fight, and be killed by, Jeff Fahey.


Mark Co-Starred in, Stunt Coordinated and Weapons Coordinated this as yet unreleased Sci-Fi action comedy: Rescue Rocket X-5
Mark's about to get his butt kicked... or actually... his face... in the multi-award winning action comedy:
 F.B.I. Guys
Mark falling backwards out of a helicopter at night for the promotional video of Rushing the Gun.  Mark was the writer, Associate Producer, Stunt Coordinator and Star of this project.
Mark uses his famous
"double double headed axes"
 for the television pilot of a kid's show:
Spell Book

He was Stunt Coordinator, FX Coordinator, Mask Maker,  Weapons Coordinator and Stunt Performer on this pilot that never made it to series.
Mark Stunt Coordinated and played a bad guy in this University of Southern California short:
Higher Calling.
Mark Starred in and was the Blood FX Artist
 for this episode of TLC's 
Urban Legends: Mostly True Stories. 
Mark, here with Mark Weatherbe, was a Horse Wrangler and on the FX Crew for the video that was projected behind Madonna for her 
Madonna 2006 World Tour
Jaclyn Bedell also worked on the Video for the

  Madonna 2006 Tour

Mark 2nd Unit Directed, Stunt Coordinated, Weapons Coordinated and FX Coordinated this as yet unreleased short: God be the Wind.
Mark worked as 2nd Unit Art Director, 2nd Unit FX Coordinator and 2nd Unit Stunts on this as yet unreleased 
Sci-Fi Channel film:

More to come

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