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Bringing professional theatre to young audiences
AND exceeding expectations since 1985!

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Mark Bedell offers Theatrical Residencies
 for all age groups in the following curricula:

K-3: Poetry in Action

3-5: Theatre Performance

9-12: Stage Combat Performance

 Acting the Fight, Motivated Violence

Mr. Bedell can also help classroom teachers, theatre programs and existing children's theatre companies find scripts, produce shows, even create scenery, masks and props for every level of theatre.

Are you a school teacher looking for a non-musical play for your class to put on?
 If so, WELCOME.  To save you time, we'd like to take this opportunity to point you directly to THEATRE FOR YOUTH.


Do you run a professional Theatre or a College or University Theatre program and you want to earn more money, produce great shows, do more public outreach, garner a lot of positive press and create an unmatchable experience for your actors and audiences?  If so Welcome... we want to save you time as well.  Please go directly to KRACKERJACK KLASSICS


Mark Bedell  has been through it all.  With nearly 30 years and well over 5,000 professional performances (and counting) coast to coast in nearly every state under his belt, He can walk you through the process of producing, directing and building any sized touring or main-stage children's theatre production, whether it be professional actors touring FOR kids (a specialty) or kids performing for kids.  Every show that Mark Bedell has ever produced... EVER... has turned a profit.  His shows NEVER loose money.  You can bank on it.

If you so desire, Mr. Bedell will even come to you to Direct your show and share with you his unprecedented experience.  Anywhere in the world!  This will save you from learning the hard way.

Mark can even... if you so desire... act as both Director and Producer to ensure your show's success.

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