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Educational Residencies for grade levels from 
School to University.

 Drama in Action
High School students learn basic Broadsword with wooden swords and perform a specially re-written scene from RICHARD III, HENRY V or JULIUS CAESAR in a SAFE and dynamic group fight scene.


Shakespeare In Action
Using a cut down but educationally complete script, and an innovative new spin on an old technique, we have High School students up on their feet doing a 45 min production of MACBETH, HAMLET, HENRY V or R & J in only eight rehearsals. We incorporate set pieces, wardrobe pieces, makeup, stage effects and of course, 
plenty of SAFE staged combat.


Acting The Fight
University level Staged Combat class
focuses on character-motivated violence.
This course uses scenes from both
classical and contemporary plays.


Traveling Staged Combat Intensive:
Certified Fight Director Mark Bedell will visit your High School and give a one weekend (two day) intensive.  6 hours on Saturday, 4 hours on Sunday, 10 hours total.   Intensive will focus on Empty-Hand fights, Acting the Fight, and Broadsword.    MASC can also focus on a particular subject requested by the local Theatre Director.  For instance, if your school will be doing Romeo & Juliet later in the year, we can focus on Rapier & Dagger, Macbeth--Sword & Shield, West Side Story-- Knife and Brawling, Annie Get Your Gun-- Western revolver spinning and trick handling, etc...


Traveling Fight Direction.
Mark Bedell Fight Directs shows for professional theatre, opera, film and television all over the country... why not your school too?

It's less money than you might think and it ensures the safety of your cast.


Does your High school not have a theatre program?   Want one?  Aside from being a certified Fight Director, Mark Bedell is also an experienced Director and Technical Director.  He taught Technical Theatre for two years at Waynflete School in Portland Maine and even designed much of their new theatre space.    Mr. Bedell will come to your school and spend a few hours a day after school and on the weekends for one month and mount a quality non-musical play that the entire community can be proud of.  It will be an amazing experience for kids who would have no way of getting that experience otherwise.  Mr. Bedell will direct the show, build the sets, do all the lights... everything all in one Crackerjack Box.


 What are they saying?

The teachers were thrilled and the kids had a blast.  They're all geared up for our play now!  It was a wonderful experience.

              Marita O'neill, Scarborough HS.

Best week ever!   Charlotte Brooks
          (Acting the Fight 5 day intensive)

Maine Academy of Staged Combat (was) amazingly able to provide seminars... very affordable... It was a highlight of the festival.

                  Tim Ryan, MPA One Act Fest.

Creative and exciting fight choreography!
                   Dona D. Vaughn PORTopera

 Thank you very much, I only wish that I could be back in Maine and continue to work with you.

                                    David Broomfield

I was impressed with your work at MASC from the clips I have seen.  They seem to have really learned the right moves and reactions to make this stuff look great!  We are very interested in talking with you about auditioning some of your talent for our upcoming projects. 

          Alex Pucci www.ScreamKings.com



Join the growing list of Schools who've
brought action to their stages with the
Maine Academy of Staged Combat
This list does NOT include regular MASC classes in Maine or Missouri

Action Entertainment International, MN (10)    Ground up Training and Direction for the                Doug Taylor Producer
                                                                              WILEY WEST STUNT SHOW

Ring Of Steel Action Theatre, MI (10)   Four day empty-hand/martial arts/rapier Master Class    Christopher Barbeau Director
                                                                                            /Fighting for Film

Acorn Productions, ME (10)                           ROMEO & JULIET (Rapier & Dagger)                         Karen Cabot Ball Director

Pirates of The Black Rose, ME (10)       Three day Basic Empty-Hand/Rapier/Cutlass Training    Tomm Tomlinson Director

DeSoto High School, MO (10)                   YOU'RE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN                     Emily Robinson Director

Missouri State Thespian Conference (10)    Six Basic Staged Combat Workshops                          Maggie Ryan Supervisor

Missouri Academy of Staged Combat (09)  Five Hour BASIC BROADSWORD Intensive                Mark Bedell Supervisor

Missouri Academy of Staged Combat (09)  Four Hour BASIC Intensive                                              Mark Bedell Supervisor

MASC Private Firearms Instruction (09)   Ned Donovan  (two days, 12 hours)                                     Mark Bedell Supervisor

MASC Action Film-making Week (09)  GALACTIC PROTECTORS                                                      Mark Bedell Supervisor

Falmouth High School (09)             25 hour Staged Combat Week.  (Hand-to-hand, Broadsword, Rapier)  Mark Bedell Sup.

Acorn Productions (09)                        RICHARD II (Armorer)                                                                                 Mike Levine Dir.

University of Southern Maine (09)       Basic Hand-to-Hand Staged Combat Workshop             Rhonda Carlson Supervisor

Heartwood Regional Theatre (09)       ROMEO & JULIET (Rapier, Dagger, Hand-to-hand, Firearms)           Griff Braley Dir.

Morse High School (09)                        TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD                                                                   Kevin O'Leary Dir.

Cape Elizabeth High School (09)        OF MICE AND MEN (Fight Consultant) 
(One Act Fest Winner)   Richard Mullen Dir.

Framingham State College, MA (09)  Basic Hand-to-Hand Staged Combat Workshop                     Sarah Cole Supervisor

MPA One Act Festival (Leavitt)  (09)    Basic Staged Combat Workshop                                                Penny Appleby Sup.

MPA One Act Festival (Freeport) (09)   Basic Staged Combat Workshop                                                        Tim Ryan Sup.

Casco Bay High School (09)            SHAKESPEARE'S FAMOUS FIGHTS                                                   Stewart Croft Dir.
(Empty-Hand, Broadsword, Rapier)

Gorham High School (09)                 WEST SIDE STORY  (Empty-hand/Knife )                                              Bruce Avery Dir.

Framingham PAC (09)                     PIRATES OF FRAMINGHAM                                                                      Mark Bedell Dir.
(Slapstick Comedy, Cutlass, Saber)

Freeport High School (09)               FIREWORKS (Knife Fight, Firearms handling, Military Drill)                      Tim Ryan Dir.
                                                              ("Staged Combat" Special Citation  MPA One Acts 2009)

Yarmouth High School (09)               SHAKESPEARE IN HOLLYWOOD (Comedy fights, slapstick, falls)    Betsy Puelle Dir.
                                                               State Regional Winner MPA One Acts 2009

Heartwood Regional Theatre 08       Two Month Staged Combat Residency                                               Griff Braley Sup.
                                                              (Empty-Hand, Rapier & Dagger)

The Educational Theatre Ass. .
ME Educational Theatre Conf.        Rapier & Dagger Demo and Basic Staged Combat Wksp.               Wil Kilroy Sup.

Chocolate Church           (08)           PIRATES OF PENZANCE  (Cutlass/Saber/Empty-Hand)          Justin St. Louis Dir.
Performing Arts Center

Kennebunk Parks & Rec.  08           DRAMA IN ACTION (wooden sword)            Mark Bedell Dir./ Brian Costello Sup. 

Portland Stage Co.                           JULIUS CAESAR (Daggers/Empty-Hand/Firearms)          Lucy Smith Conroy Dir.

Summer Stage  08                           Basic Staged Combat Workshop                                                Betsy Dunphy Sup.

Port Opera 08                                   ROMEO et JULIETTE (Rapier & Dagger)                                    Dona Vaughn Dir.

ME State Music Theatre 08             LES MISERABLES (Muskets/Billy Club)                                     Charles Abbot Dir.

Stages Academy  08                        LES MISERABLES (Muskets)                                                    Stacey Koloski Dir.

Freeport Performing Arts Center (08)   FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM
                                                            (Gladius/Empty-Hand/Physical Comedy)   Jaclyn Bedell Dir. /Elizabeth Guffy Sup. 

Scarborough High School    08       Three day Workshop culminating in scenes from:
                                                             ROMEO & JULIET (Rapier)                                                           Marita O'Neal Dir.

Merriconeag Waldorf School  08      Basic Staged Combat Workshop                                      Jeff O'Brien Supervisor

Waynflete Middle School   08            Long Term Workshops culminating in scenes from:
                                                              ROMEO & JULIET (Rapier)
                                                              RICHARD III (Wooden Broadsword)
                                                              HENRY V. (Martial Arts)                                                        Tiki Fuhro Supervisor.

Waynflete Middle School   08           MID SUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM  (Empty-Hand)
                                                             TWELFTH NIGHT (Empty-Hand)
                                                             HENRY V. (Sword & Shield)                                                               Tiki Fuhro Dir.

Morse High School   08                    ROMEO & JULIET (Quarterstaff, Cudgel, Kali)                           Kevin O'Leary Dir.

Yarmouth High School  08                ATTACK OF THE SPACE PANDAS (Martial Arts)                      Betsy Puelle Dir.
                                                               Division Winner 2008 MPA One Act Play Festival

Freeport High School  08                  CONVERSATIONS IN A BOX (Fight Consultant)                            Tim Ryan Dir.
                                                                         Winner 2008 State MPA One Act Festival

Waynflete School     08                      ONCE ON THIS ISLAND (Saber -- Sad Tale of the Beaxommes)
                                                              (Firearms -- Pray)             Mark & Jaclyn Bedell Dir.s / Seth Rigoletti Supervisor.

Hillsboro Missouri Schl Sytm 07       Series of Basic Staged Combat Workshops                          Joyce Marshall Sup.

Cape Elizabeth Middle Schl. 07        DROP DEAD JULIET (Wooden Sword)                                   Kathleen Tuttle Dir.

Waynflete School  07                         ROMEO & JULIET (Double Dagger)                                       Michele Lettierre Dir.

Portland Stage Co.   07                     NOISES OFF (Physical Comedy)                                      Peter Brown Supervisor

Schoolhouse Arts   07                        ROMEO & JULIET (Rapier)                                                             Eileen Avery Dir.

Summer Stage  07                             Basic Staged Combat Workshop                                               Betsy Dunphy Sup.

Ogunquit Playhouse 07                     ROBIN HOOD (Broad Sword/Bow and Arrow)  Dir. Mark Bedell/Jean Benda Sup.

Waynflete Summer Arts Camp 07   Three Weeks, 5 days per week of Staged Combat Workshops
                                                         Basic Empty-Hand, Wooden/Foam Swords/Rapier                   Cece Camacho Sup.

Heartwood Summer Theatre 07       Staged Combat Workshops (Empty-Hand, Rapier)                       Griff Braley Sup.

Waynflete Middle School  07             IT'S ALWAYS HOTTER IN CAMELOT (Empty-Hand, Broadsword)
                                                                                                                                                                                Tiki Fuhro Dir.

Main Dunstable Elementary (07)
Nashua, NH                                          POETRY IN ACTION Week long Residency                           Kelly Toth Supervisor

MPA One Act Festival  07                  Basic Staged Combat Workshop for 80 students.                            Tim Ryan Sup.

Waynflete School 07                            PHILADELPHIA STORY (Empty-Hand)                                      Seth Riggoletti Dir.

Waynflete School 07                            LYSISTRATA (Empty-Hand)                                                      Michele Lettierre Dir.


For students and fans of MASC
Proudly display to all your Staged Combat Training

For students and fans of MASC
Proudly display to all your Staged Combat Training

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